Hi, I’m Corby Fine – marketing executive, leader, digital ninja, business disruptor, cx guru, data junkie, coach & drummer.

As a digital, client experience, marketing and analytics executive I have developed a lot of insights and experience through the years. Leading large teams, developing innovative programs and driving successful business results have taught me a thing or two about the secrets needed to be successful.

I am available to speak at conferences, for personal coaching, mentoring and startup advising and investing. Get in touch if you want to talk or book me.

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I like to mentor, advise and help others regarding their business, startup, career…need 15 mins? Check the calendar (sorry it’s usually really busy).

My Latest Thoughts

  • EP18 – Success means being right most of the time with only 40% of the information
    While considered a success in her career, Alyssa Atkins had ended a long term relationship and witnessed some of the people, women in particular, in her life going through challenges with regards to getting pregnant and having kids. What she was […]
  • EP17 – Plumbing in the cloud
    It doesn’t matter whether the drain in your kitchen sink gets clogged, the toilet backs up, or the shower stops working: any plumbing problem brings with it a state of high urgency. For most people, the first course of action […]
  • EP16 – The best brands have a crystallized point of view
    The best brands in the world ultimately have a crystallized point of view. They know why they exist, whether you call it purpose or experience, it doesn’t really matter. The point is that, whatever you call it, there is consistency. […]

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