Working from home

EP4 – Working from home

I recently posted a single question on Linkedin and Twitter asking a very simple question. What’s your number one tip for staying motivated while working at home? It was a popular post and I wanted to dig in further, so I recruited a panel of 5 executives to discuss the topic and at the same time, answer some fun and embarrassing questions along the way.

If you are looking for motivation to get out of bed in the morning, ideas on how to work from home with teams scattered across locations, or just a good laugh to questions like “have you taken a conference call into the bathroom”, or “what’s your most embarrassing moment so far working from home”, then listen in.

My panelists include:

Alex Panousis – CEO, Carat
Gabe Dunlop – CMO,
Mark Jordan – Former VP Brand Strategy & Chief Communications Officer, Kids Help Phone
Daniela Dighi – Director, Analytics Innovation Program, Enterprise Analytics, CIBC
Luvleen Sidhu – Co-Founder & CEO, BankMobile

Each of these executives are experts in their own right, but of late have had to figure out strategies to pivot their working lives to be one that starts and ends the day from home. Whether starting a new job in the case of Alex, or trying to find one in the case of Mark, each of the panelists brings a unique perspective to the new reality we all face, how to become more effective at working from home.

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