EP2 – Launching a startup in the middle of a pandemic

A startup in a pandemic? Now that is not for the faint of heart. No matter the economic conditions, it is still possible to do something risky and succeed. No matter the time, environment or challenges you face, if you have an idea you believe is ready for the world, why not give it a shot and go for it.  Many people fear taking a risk in the best of times, let alone in one of the most trying times we have ever seen.

Today, we have the opportunity to speak with Amy Davies, an entrepreneur in Toronto who started her business well before the current Covid-19 situation. Ironically, the service she built and is offering happens to be perfectly aligned to what is happening around the world, a virtual outplacement program.

First 30 Outplacement

Amy Davies is the founder and CEO of a new startup, First 30 Incorporated (, an innovative technology company that has developed an online and mobile-friendly outplacement program, offering 30 days worth of coaching videos and resources that businesses can offer to their employees affected by restructuring and layoffs. Amy is also the author of A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World.

Our discussion focuses on the things every entrepreneur faces, challenges, risks and opportunities. Listen in as Amy and I discuss her business, while giving real world advice on how to succeed no matter how bad the challenges in front of you. I also highly recommend you read her book because it formed the foundation for her startup and gives you so many ideas even if you are not currently looking for work.

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