podcast analytics

Podcast Analytics

I have been working hard to think about what is next in the life of “Fine Tune with Corby Fine”, and one of the most important things to monitor are the Podcast analytics to see my performance and help make decisions going forward. When I started this initiative, I never realized the amount of work it would take to manage the development of quality content. I thought the effort involved up front in terms of determining what I would need from audio equipment, software and hosting providers to learning how to record, edit and publish the Podcast episodes would be the hard work.

Wow, was I wrong.

The hardest part is actually trying to figure out what to talk about, who to interview, and whether anyone will care enough to listen. One way I would typically try to answer those questions would be through the use of insights and Podcast analytics. Much like measuring website traffic or sales, one would think it should be easy to measure the success of your Podcast. Well, some analytics are available…but not as much as I would like. Here are some things you can actually measure as a Podcaster:

First off, the top performing App, Device and Platforms.

Podcast Analytics

Here are the top Apps used to listen to Fine Tune with Corby Fine. Interesting how many different apps there are out there to choose from.

Podcast Analytics Top Apps

You can also measure the top devices that the Podcast is listened to on.

And finally, the platforms on which listeners listen. Who knew watches were Podcast platforms of choice? Though I guess it makes a lot of sense for runners who leave their phones at home.

All in all, I need to try and figure out how to start to get more intelligence on what my listeners want to listen to. For now, LinkedIn posts and maybe the odd survey are the way to go.


Here are some interesting stats published recently by Podcastinsights.com at the following link: https://www.podcastinsights.com/podcast-statistics/

  • 75% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 70% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 2020)
  • 50% of all US homes are podcast fans (Nielsen, Aug 2017)
  • 55% (155 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast – up from 51% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 37% (104 million) listened to a podcast in the last month – up from 32% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly – up from 22% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans” (Nielsen Q1 2018)
  • 51% of podcast listeners are male – same as US population (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population
  • 27% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree – vs 19% for US pop
  • 63% of podcast listeners are white – vs 58% for US pop (Infinite Dial 20)
  • Age of monthly podcast listeners versus US population (Infinite Dial 20):
    • 12-34: 48% (vs 37%)
    • 35-54: 32% (vs 40%)
    • 55+: 20% (vs 23%)

Thanks for listening.

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