Erica Ehm

EP5 – Find your yes with Erica Ehm

For fourteen years Erica Ehm has been developing her craft as an entrepreneur and CEO, after spending the first part of her career as an icon in Canadian television and music.  From interviewing rock bands, to informing and educating parents on being their best, Erica has used her skills as a creator, innovator and disruptor to turn all of her endeavours into incredible success stories.

Before this discussion, I had no ideas as to the breadth of experience and success that Erica Ehm has has in her career. I simply remembered watching her on television, bringing me incredible interviews and access to world famous rock stars (including some of my favourite big hair bands and new age stars of the 80’s).

In this episode, Erica Ehm gives us tips and advice on how to be successful in whatever it is you want to do. Some of the fundamentals in her arsenal include never take “no” personally, always listen to your staff, your customers, your competitors, your numbers and your heart….and be persistent until you find your yes! All you need is one yes to be successful.

Oh, and never ignore those random Tweets or messages on social media. For Erica, it led to a new partnership, a government grant and shout outs from Senators!

Don’t forget to watch Kurt Cobain and Erica Ehm as well in her self declared favourite interview –

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