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Pivoting from fashion to utility with covid 19 masks

I woke this morning thinking about whether or not I would need to buy myself and my family masks, as it looks like we will be living in this new world of COVID-19 for some time to come. While doing some research, I came across a tweet that contained something really, really innovative. It was from an online seller of luxury pocket squares, and while they were selling their own wares, it was in a really innovative way that given the current situation around the world, adds value as well.

The caption was really simple under the video and while I am not doing this for any kind of referral opportunity, I thought I would share it as it was written and published on the video. Given the popularity of masks these days, I guess I missed the opportunity to make a few dollars as a referrer.

Make your own pocket square at home with these simple steps. Shop for $5 pocket squares at Get an additional 30% OFF w/ code “TOGETHER”

If like me you are thinking about buying masks, maybe rethink it and use what you already have in your top drawer (or wherever you keep your pocket square collection). I can’t wait to try it tomorrow though I am not sure my daughter will give up her hair elastics so easily. I have so many pocket squares made of varying materials from cotton and polyester to silk and wool. Perhaps I should record a podcast episode on how to transform your entire wardrobe, not just COVID-19 masks, in the times of COVID-19? I could go from discussing masks made of pocket squares to now having another reason to wear Crocs beyond their comfort…you can simply wash them once done and remove any potential trace of the virus (but please don’t wear them with socks!).

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