EP18 – Success means being right most of the time with only 40% of the information

While considered a success in her career, Alyssa Atkins had ended a long term relationship and witnessed some of the people, women in particular, in her life going through challenges with regards to getting pregnant and having kids. What she was witnessing triggered her thoughts and desire to one day have kids, all while not “in the perfect situation” with the right partner, the right job, the right house… She decided to at least start her own process with a fertility test.

And that’s where it all fell apart.

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Delays. Waiting. Complex information and results. It’s a gong show of a process for women and couples trying to navigate it all. So, like many good entrepreneurs do, Alyssa set out to solve her own problem, but not just for herself… Also for women and couples en mass, and with that Lilia was born (no pun intended… well, maybe).

As I speak to Alyssa about her foray into entrepreneurship, she shares so many incredible and valuable tips that anyone can apply to their work, whether as an entrepreneur or someone working in a small, medium or large organization, at any level. One area of discussion focused on the fact that entrepreneurs are constantly making decisions with about 40% of the information available. Of course we all wish we had 100%, but often, if we were to wait we would miss opportunities and ultimately risk success. And so the job of Alyssa and anyone in business is to make good decisions with imperfect information. You just have to try to be right most of the time. A few other basic tips include;

  • “Just give people what they want”
  • “Listen to your users, no really, REALLY listen to them”
  • “Don’t assume you know who your investors or your customers will be”
  • “Avoid your inner saboteur”

Alyssa is also full of really simple and tactical tips like committing to non-zero days. You don’t have to accomplish everything in a day, so focus on a couple of things and just move the needle forward. Maybe one day it is just sending an important email, as long as it can be considered progress, consider it a success.  One other tip is the rule of three things. Just put down three things on a “Post-it” note each day, just make sure they are the highest value things you can achieve. If you complete those things they should move your business forward. Sounds simple.

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