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EP11 – Spotify on a watch, and how to build a business with Spotify

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Ivan Pehar is the Country Manager for Spotify Canada. After spending a number of years at another digital goliath, he made the move to conquer one of most people’s passions, the music business. In this episode, I talk with Ivan about the Spotify platform, and how it has become such an important and influential player in Canada’s digital media and content landscape. It is not just for music creators and music lovers, rather it is a place for all kinds of audio content both for those who want to consume it, as well as for those that want to build a business with Spotify using audio as a key tactic.

Spotify has a few sides to its business. One is obviously tied to consumer entertainment and streaming of content, with the other being focused on advertisers and marketers trying to reach specific audiences. We discuss how Spotify thinks about these two sides of the business and how content producers, like myself, can take advantage of the platform to help build a business with Spotify. It’s not just for music producers anymore.

If you are a business, a content producer, or just a fan of great music and audio content, you must listen in!

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