digital window shopping

Digital window shopping

by Corby • October 6, 2016

Think about the last time you went into a store. You walked around, took some items off the rack, maybe went into the change room to try them on…and often, without making a purchase you leave. It’s a physical world, not a digital one. Online, you do the same thing. You browse the catalog, check […]

digital customer

Every customer is a digital customer

by Corby • March 5, 2017

On a global basis, 80% of customers (the digital customer) are now engaged with at least one digital channel. Gone are the days of apartment dwelling customers who only connect via the phone to engage and interact with brands. So what does this mean for companies trying to provide good sales and service experiences in […]


5 Facebook messenger self service bot ideas that everyone will love

by Corby • March 5, 2017

Facebook has launched an API that allows developers to build chat bots for Messenger and chat widgets for the web. While Facebook will definitely want companies and brands to start pushing e-commerce through the platform (think Apple like transaction fees), there is a HUGE opportunity for media companies (allowing publishers to message subscribers directly with news and other […]


Why culture is the cheapest thing to change in your organization (to be customer focused)

by Corby • March 5, 2017

What is the culture you want in your organization? Do you want a customer centric culture where everything you do is focused on them? Perhaps one focused on numbers like revenue is more your objective? Imagine that no matter what that culture is, you could achieve it for no cost. $0 Nada Ziltch! Nothing. Sounds […]

continuous optimization

The case for continuous optimization

by Corby • November 5, 2016

Imagine if the world settled and there was no such thing as continuous optimization. Do you remember your first iPod? How innovative and amazing it was? Carrying all your music in your pocket with a slick little device that you operated with a single touch dial and a screen. It was incredible. There really wasn’t anything […]